Kalighat Temple

Kalighat Kali Temple is a Hindu temple in Kalighat, Kolkata, West Bengal, India dedicated to the Hindu goddess Kali. It is one of the Shakti Peethas.

Dakshineswar Temple

Dakshineswar Kali Temple or Dakshineswar Kalibari is a Hindu navaratna temple in Dakshineswar, Kolkata, West Bengal, India.

Belur Math

Belur Math is the headquarters of the Ramakrishna Math and Ramakrishna Mission, founded by Swami Vivekananda, the chief disciple of Ramakrishna Paramahamsa.

Birla Planetarium

The Birla Planetarium in Kolkata, West Bengal, India, is a single-storeyed circular structure designed in the typical Indian style, whose architecture is loosely styled on the Buddhist Stupa at Sanchi.

St Paul's Cathedral

St. Paul's Cathedral is a Church of North India cathedral of Anglican background in Kolkata, West Bengal, India, noted for its Gothic architecture and dedicated to Paul the Apostle.

Victoria Memorial

A little-known fact about the Victoria Memorial is that it also contains a small room that was used as a hospital during World War I....

Indian Museum

The Indian Museum is the earliest and largest multipurpose museum not only in the Indian subcontinent but also in the Asia-Pacific region of the world....

Biswa Bangla Gate

Biswa Bangla Gate, popularly known as Kolkata Gate, is the new icon of a rising Bengal, the same way London Eye is for the UK and Eiffel Tower is for Paris...

Eco Park

The master plan for the Eco-Park has been prepared with the intent to balance its role as a city level recreational open space, with the need for the park to help mitigate some of the adverse impacts of urbanization of the surrounding area....

Vidyasagar Setu

Vidyasagar Setu, also known as the Second Hooghly Bridge, is a toll bridge over the Hooghly River in West Bengal, India, linking the cities of Kolkata and Howrah. ...

Prinsep Ghat

Prinsep Ghat is an iconic location in the city for a variety of reasons and the most important one is the heritage it holds. It was built in the year 1841, during the British Raj in India. ...

Howrah Bridge

Howrah Bridge is a cantilever bridge, which means it was built using cantilevers, structures that project horizontally into space and are supported at only one end...

Marble Palace

The palace is also known for its unique combination of museum, mansion, and zoo, with a special focus on herbivorous species, which was intended to protect them based on the eating habits of the owners...