General Guidelines

 There is no restriction on the number of papers / posters submitted from an institution.
 An individual can present either one oral paper or e poster but not both.
 Students are recommended to upload a scanned copy of the bonafide certificate duly signed by the Head of the Department at the time of abstract submission.
 Oral papers and posters can be jointly presented but both the presenters have to register individually for the conference.
 The final powerpoint submission oral paper and poster should be de identified ( no indication or mention of presenter/s, institute or location ), failing which the presenter/ s might be debarred from making the presentation .
 The highest eight (8) scorers from the session best paper and E poster presentations in student category will be given an opportunity to make the presentation on day 3 in front of all conference attendees and the final first best (3) papers/ posters of the conference and will be rewarded.
 The highest three (3) scorers of the delegate competition category will get an opportunity to showcase the presentation on day 3 in front of all conference attendees and will be rewarded.
 The best table demonstration of the innovation cell for both delegate and student category will be displayed for viewing by all conference attendees and highest two (2) scorers (one from each category )from delegate and student entries will be rewarded.
 The result will be declared on the morning last day.

Abstract (for oral paper, poster and table demonstration) submission guidelines

 Last date for abstract submission is 30.08.2023.
 Word limit : 300 words including title.
 Abstract has to be submitted using the online link on the website. The registered id is to be used for all communications.
 Abstracts must be original and should not have been previously published or presented at a previous conference or submitted elsewhere for publication.
 Acceptance of abstract submission is subject to decision of the scientific committee, which shall be final and binding.
 All abstracts should be structured and state the :
 Category : Original research : Clinical study / laboratory study
Title, Background , Aim, Materials & methods including statistical plan , Results, Conclusions
 Review poster ( systematic review / meta analysis / poster : Title, Background/ purpose , Type of review, Review findings, Discussion , Conclusion . Mention the PROSPERO registration number.
 Case report / Case series : Title, Introduction, Case summary , Treatment protocol, Follow up findings of 6 months, Conclusion. Adhere to CARE guidelines.
 All paper has to be an orginal study, nothing else.

Kindly note that for systematic reviews / meta analysis / case reports/case series a non structured abstract upto 250 words can be submitted in case the sub headings are not applicable.


 Registration for the conference is mandatory for abstract submission and subsequent presentation.
 The paper should be further categorized into one of the following competitive categories at the time of uploading :
1. Dental materials.
2. Conservative dentistry.
3. Endodontics.
4. Regeneration.
5. Esthetic dentistry.
6. Traumatology.
7. Surgical Endodontics.
 The oral paper presentation should be on original research, systematic review/ meta analysis / case report /case series.
 Final paper presentation must be submitted by online submission on website.
 The total duration of the oral paper presentation will be 10minutes - 8 minutes for presentation and 2 minutes for discussion.
 All the PowerPoint presentations(ppt) should be in MS office 2007 or Windows 10 compatible mode.
 Final PPT once submitted cannot be changed or modified.

 It is mandatory for participants to be registered for the conference.
 Maximum participants per poster is 2.
 All accepted posters will be displayed in the digital format on high.
 During the presentation time, authors should be available for discussion of the E-poster. A formal presentation would be mandatory.
 Time duration for presentation - 3 min + 2 min discussion.
 All posters to be set in landscape style orientation (and all information i.e. text, data, photos and figures) must be designed to appear within one slide/image as ppt or image.
 Poster should be written ONLY in English language.
 Title of the E-poster should brief and match with the provided topic.
 The title and subheadings should be written in bold. Please select background colors that contrast well with the font to allow easy reading of the text.
 Make sure that any photographs or figures being used in the poster are with sufficient size so that they are clearly visible, with a minimum of 300 dpi resolution.
 Mode of poster submission will be notified through website information.

To facilitate the delegates with their presentations, the scientific committee recommends the following instructions :
 The presenter should be an IACDE member and a registered delegate of the conference.
 Each presenter should complete the online abstract submission process on the website adhering to the submission guidelines and timelines.
 Work should be original, unpublished and should not have been previously presented at national / international meetings. The uniqueness or innovation of the presentation would be considered significant.

 Presentation should fall under any one of the following fields :
1. Dental materials.
2. Conservative dentistry.
3. Endodontics.
4. Regeneration.
5. Esthetic dentistry.
6. Traumatology.
7. Surgical Endodontics.

 The free paper presentation should be on original research.
 The total duration of the oral paper presentation will be 10minutes - 8 min for presentation and 2 min for discussion.

For delegates it is to be noted that narrative review papers are not acceptable and delegates can opt for competitive or non competitive category.

“Innovation Cell” or table clinic - it an be any creative and novel approach to deal with problems or situations related to clinical practice, patient education or dental teaching
 An opportunity to exhibit your innovative skill and knowledge.
 Table clinics are informal, interactive presentations addressing clinical situations of everyday practice OR innovative approaches to solve problems.
 They could be related to anything relevant to clinical practice , dental teaching or unique solutions to day to day challenges faced during dental teaching or clinical practice

 Entries are called for two categories :
Post-graduate trainees and Delegates

 Maximum number of students permitted sharing a presentation - 2.
 Maximum number of faculty for table clinic presentation - 2.

 The total duration of the table clinic presentation :
i. Time limit for presentation : 10 minutes.
ii. Q &A session : 3 minutes.

 Size of demonstration table that will be provided : 2X4 feet.
 Participants may carry or use any other audio visual aid, the specifications of which are to be requested by 30.08.23.